A constant double point of view on theatre aimed on one side to give art a place to grow freely and on the other give the audience the intellectual and emotional involvement that the artistic production can provide.

Being part of artists’ dreams and projects, especially for newly conceived works, building a communicating vessels, open to suggestions and incentives from our territory of activity.

Projecting instead of programming, since this is the only way to share the artistic process of creation and offer it to the audience.

Developing the role of Public Civic Theatre of Emilia Romagna Region, strongly dedicated and related to its Theatres, artists and public, as well as nation-wide and international activities in drama productions, theatrical culture and training.



Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is an Italian National Theatre based in Modena, that mainly works in drama area, and also in the dance sector. Founded in 1977, ERT was directed by Pietro Valenti from 1994 to 2016. ERT is directed by Claudio Longhi since 2017. The board of administrators includes Public Authorities: the Municipality, the Region and the Ministry.

The theatres

ERT manages two theatres in Modena, two in Bologna, and one in the towns of Cesena, Vignola and Castelfranco Emilia respectively. The two theatres in Modena are Teatro Storchi, dating back to 1884 and hosting 950 seats, and Teatro delle Passioni, a post industrial building turned into a one 150 seat-venue in 1999.
In Bologna, regional capital and biggest city of the region, ERT manages Teatro Arena del Sole, renovated in 1995 nineteen. It has 2 venues: the bigger with 900 seats and the smaller which can hosts up to 170 people. ERT also manages a 50 seat-venue in Bologna, mainly used for artistic residences and workshops.
Teatro Bonci in Cesena was built in 1846 and it hosts 800 seats.
ERT is also responsible for two other small theatres which are Teatro Fabbri in Vignola and Teatro Dadà in Castelfranco Emilia.
For these venues, the core of artistic management is projecting instead of programming, since this is the only way to share the artistic process of creation and offer it to the audience. We are proud of preserving our function of active interlocutor, both on an Italian and international level, by offering productions and educational projects, as well as theatre culture in general. The relationship between the theatre and its community has already been studied for some time. The need to constantly enlarge and renew the audience turns into actions which contribute to a greater awareness of the theatre-goers; besides offer them informative booklets and so on, in collaboration with University and others cultural Institutions of our cities, we organize meetings about the authors, the texts and directors, or about the theme or the historical period of the performance, and often we organize workshops to involve more the public, with a particular attention to young people.


Production is the main focus of ERT’s activities: every year our productions are played in many important theatres and festivals, they are on tour in Italy, in Europe, and sometimes in the extra-European countries.
We believe in the value of sharing our artists’ dreams and projects; we work to build a system of connections open to local demands of the audience, and to establish a relationship with them. A multitude of languages allows ERT to be part on the programs of various national theatres and to collaborate on a European level. All our projects rise from the idea that a city’s theatre should be a place where citizens can come together as a community and find civic pride and a shared imagination. We trust in a theatre which is able to bring together the city and the suburbs, which put the audience in contact with his public conscience. The connection of poetic worlds and languages but also cultural generations and origins is a distinctive trait of our artistic approach, allowing us to fuel our relationships with directors, actors and dramatists involved. Some our productions are a kaleidoscopic, multi-disciplinary path through contemporary dramaturgy, in participative projects created alongside the community during a long preparatory process.
In recent years Ert productions were invited at Festival of Amsterdam, Avignon, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruxelles, Caracas, Leuven, Madrid, Montreal, Moscow, Peking, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Zurich and others.
In the Season 2015-2016 ERT produces 18 shows directed by 3 international directors (Pascal Rambert, Anna Peschke, Levan Tsuladze) and the others by Italian directors (Antonio Latella, Pippo Delbono, Andrea De Rosa, Claudio Longhi, Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari, Babilonia Teatri, Compagnia Menoventi, Nanni Garella, Pietro Babina, Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi, Cesare Lievi, Compagnia Berardi Casolari, Michele Di Giacomo, Alessandro Gassmann, Marco Cacciola).

VIE Festival

VIE Festival was founded in 2005 with the goal of crossing the contemporary world, of intercepting new identities and subjectivities which stand out in the field of live performance. It takes place yearly every October in Emilia- Romagna Region.
The project spring from the ten-year lucky experience of Le vie dei festival that, from 1994 to 2004, has hosted some of the most interesting proposals of Italian and international summer festivals. Mixing languages and genres, showing foreign great theatrical experiences without forgetting the important Italian experimental theatre scene, Le vie dei festival proposed the works of several artists (Carmelo Bene, Thierry Salmon, Lev Dodin, Peter Brook, Maguy Marin, Joseph Chaikin, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson e Peter Stein …).
VIE Festival focuses on the contemporary creation, wants to give to the look the responsibility of finding, of searching where the strength of the new is hiding today, the artists who are able to explore the areas of contact between the performing arts, the expressive areas where leaving the theatre interacting with dance, music, visual arts and cinema. The idea of modernity is combined immediately with that of complexity, something that is in constant motion and fast in its indefiniteness. The artistic research acts vertically, digging in depth. It does not indicate solutions, but rather raises some doubts. It is inclined to the “uncertain”. At the base of the research for new languages there is always an urgent reflection on the contemporary world, a need for new contents. The festival aims to offer a wide range of artists who will confront themselves with a plurality of spaces, aiming at showing layers of artwork, poetry and looks which arouse the curiosity and urgencies, including the less codified. The plurality of languages will involve different audiences, aiming at erasing the prejudice on that contemporary is equivalent to incomprehensible and elitist. The Festival also stands out as a place of production or co-production of original works that will be created on purpose and then will enter the international circuit. Among the numerous guests of VIE past editions, there are Lev Dodin, Jan Fabre, Alain Platel, Maguy Marin, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Mathilde Monnier, Joseph Nadj, Alvis Hermanis, Virgilio Sieni, Thomas Ostermeier, Meg Stuart and Krzysztof Warlikowski.
The 2015 edition has hosted the creations directed by Levan Tsuladze, Anna Peschke, Berardi Casolari, Virgilio Sieni, Gabriella Salvaterra, Nanfang Song and Dance Company, Mathurin Bolze, Nelson Valente, Pascal Rambert, Maguy Marin, Cuocolo/Bosetti, Michele Abbondanza, Snejanka Mihaylova, Motus, Giovanna Marini, Big Action Money, Marco Martinelli/ Ermanna Montanari, Romeo Castellucci, Frank Van Laecke/ Alain Platel / Steven Prengels.
website: viefestivalmodena.com

International networks

ERT is a founding member and partner in various European networks. One of them is the Prospero co-operation agreement involving Théâtre National de Bretagne (Rennes, France), Théâtre de la Place (Liège, Belgium), Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Berlin, Germany), Göteborgs Stadsteatern (Gothenburg, Sweden), Athens & Epidaurus Festival (Greece) and the Croatian National Theatre /World Theatre Festival Zagreb (Croatia).
Six major theatre organisations from six different nations joined together with the aim of encouraging art and culture development across Europe. This project involves three types of action. The first is developing creativity in Europe with an annual production and its tour, with a support for six young directors chosen by the six establishments, with courses and residencies in the partner countries. The other two points are establishing European research and training young actors.
Participation in Prospero represents a significant economic and organizational commitment allowing ERT to get in touch with the development processes of European theatre and to expand and consolidate the international dimension of its activities.


Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione has been involved in theatre education for some years. We organize actors training around specific guiding principles. Considering the influence that the network of international exchanges and relations, particularly on the European level, is having on Italian production and distribution system, our acting school wants to educate a generation of performers who can plunge their roots in Italian theatre tradition but are also able to find success abroad.
While dedicating space and time to the representative Western theatrical tradition, the school focuses specifically on in-depth knowledge of contemporary scene. It has a dual structure: a two-year course for students with no specific acting training and a one-year specialization course open to candidates having a theatre school diploma or any professional theatre experience.
The activity is developed in two different projects: the School of  Theatre Iolanda Gazzerro directed by Claudio Longhi, and the Specialization Course for Actors directed, for season 2016-2017, by Ivica Buljan, Director of National Theatre in Zagreb.